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Mosiah 14-17

Study Question: How can we access the healing and redeeming power of the atonement in our own lives? Summary: Abinadi preaches to King Noah. Christ suffered for our pains, sorrows, and iniquities. Those who look to Him for a remission of their sins will be heirs of the Kingdom of God. If we persist in […]

Mosiah 11-13

Study question: What can we learn from the contrast of Abinadi and King Noah? Summary: King Noah rules in wickedness. Abinadi prophesies that the people will be taken into bondage. He is imprisoned. The false priests quote the scriptures and pretend to keep the law of Moses. Abinadi is protected by divine power. He teaches […]

Mosiah 8-10

Study Question: How does our attitude towards the Lord affect our lives/perspective? Summary: These chapters focus on 2 things: Chapter 8 focuses on the records King Limhi’s’ men found. It is the record of the people of Ether and Limhi is told about Alma the prophet and seer by Ammon. Chapter 9 and 10 is […]

Mosiah 5-7

Study Question: When have you experienced a change in heart because of your faith and the atonement? Summary: King Benjamin’s people believe in his words and experience a change of heart due to their faith in Christ. Mosiah becomes the king and King Benjamin dies, the people are righteous. Ammon finds King Limhi and his people […]

Mosiah 3-4

Study Question: How do we balance feeling “even less than the dust of the earth” and feeling close to and loved by God? Summary: King Benjamin foretells the coming of Christ, the miracles Christ will perform, and the Atonement. The Atonement covers all sins and saves children and those who sinned in ignorance. Repent and do […]

2 Nephi 9

Study Question: What responsibilities do we have when it comes to the Atonement?   Summary: The Jews will be gathered in all their lands of promise. The atonement saves man from the fall. The bodies of the dead will come forth from the grave, and their spirits from hell and paradise. All will be judged. […]

2 Nephi 6-8

Study Question: What are some of the ways we can show that we take our covenants with the Lord seriously? Summary:  In these chapters, we read of a sermon being taught by Nephi’s younger brother, Jacob. The sermon involves prophecies about the reassuring fate of those who will follow the Lord, and the fearful fate […]