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More Holiness Give Me

In fast and testimony meeting a sister bore her testimony of what she perceived to be a great spiritual battle waging in our time. All around, she said, the adversary threatened the spirituality of God’s children- and she wondered how we might more effectively wield our swords of the spirit; adorned in the armour of […]

Ether 4-7

Study question: What principles can we learn from the experience of the Jaredites? Summary: Moroni is commanded to seal up the writings of the brother of Jared. They will not be revealed until men have faith. Men are commanded to repent, believe the gospel, and be saved.Three witnesses and the work itself will stand as […]

Alma 53-55

Study Question: What covenants have we made and what are we doing (or choosing not to do) in order to keep them? Summary: The Anti-Nephi-Lehis feel guilty that Nephites are dying in their defense and want to take up arms, but Helaman urges them to keep their covenant and their sons take up arms instead. […]

Alma 40-42

Study Question: What can we learn from the fact that Alma testified of the doctrine of resurrection even though he did not know all the details about it? Summary: Alma understood the purpose of the fall, need for an atonement and that all people would be resurrected. He did not know when and how this […]

Alma 26-29

Study Question: When have you experienced exceeding joy because of the gospel? Summary: Ammon rejoices that so many people have turned their hearts to God, who is merciful and mindful of all. The people of Zarahemla give Jershon to the anti-Nephi-Lehis so they don’t have to break their promise. The Nephites battle against the Lamanites […]

Alma 7-9

Study question: How has keeping the commandments and living righteously allowed our own light and power from God within us deliver us from our difficulties? Summary: Alma preaches repentance and baptises in the land of Gideon and in the land of Melek. Faced with hardened hearts in Ammonihah, his words were rejected and he was […]

Mosiah 26-27

Study Question: Have others prayed concerning you? Or have you prayed concerning others? Did God answer those prayers? Summary: Many of the rising generation couldn’t understand the word of God due to unbelief. They caused members to sin. Jesus instructed Alma (father) that all who would repent would be forgiven and remain in church. Alma […]