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More Holiness Give Me

In fast and testimony meeting a sister bore her testimony of what she perceived to be a great spiritual battle waging in our time. All around, she said, the adversary threatened the spirituality of God’s children- and she wondered how we might more effectively wield our swords of the spirit; adorned in the armour of […]

An Ensign to the Nations, a Light to the World

I’m so excited to be studying from the Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley in Relief Society this year. For the first time, I’m flipping through a manual of lessons that I actually remember first-hand. This is how all of the old ladies in my childhood wards learned in Sunday lessons… needless to say… I’m feeling […]

The Innkeeper’s Wife

When I was seven, our primary school put on a nativity play. I was excited because I thought for sure that I would be chosen to be Mary. All of my teachers knew that I went to church- I thought I had it in the bag. Imagine my disappointment when the roles were posted and […]

The Sealing Ordinance

[Preface]   I love the nature of the First Sunday of the month in Relief Society. It’s a time when we as a presidency get to pray together and reason together about what we want to teach. We base the topic on something that we feel the women in our stewardship may be in need […]


I don’t know how I can even deign to call myself a real Brit without ever before visiting the British Library. Every book that ever gets published ever gets a place at the British Library. Needless to say; the collection surpasses my understanding of “complete”. I strolled over one day after work and found myself […]


I mean really; just try to imagine me attempting to do any sort of rolling around shenanigans in a place like this. The people-watcher in me,however, couldn’t help but slow down a little to watch the kids at Southbank. I wondered if it was something they did to keep them from thinking about more important things- […]


Thanks to my wonderfully talented friend, and up-and-coming star of interior design luxury, Jade, I got to scam on the soft opening of the Mayfield flower show at Sketch- which by the way is my new happy place. It’s arguably the most time I’ve voluntarily spent in the restroom… Because I suppose it’s hardly a […]