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… Well not really. Mum (AKA Lois Lane) doesn’t disappoint when she says she’s found a diamond in the rough. When it’s related to shopping, my interest is double piqued. In the heart of the outskirts (it’s an accurate description) of Johannesburg, there’s a Chinese community where you literally could be stepping on Asian ground. […]


  Christmas this year was a little different. Having said that, I suppose nothing needs to feel out of the ordinary when, in the McKee’s time, we have spent Christmases in swimming in pools in tropical weather, kayaking on high seas, bustling through crowded streets of India or Mexico, and even in the depths of […]

Happy Thanksgiving… Now Let’s Get Ready to Shop

Target have restored my faith in commercial advertising with this little treat.  This morning my roommate Jordan posted about 12 of these commercials on my facebook wall.  All I can say is that I am thoroughly entertained, and this blonde lady should go down in commercial history with the likes of the Old Spice guy […]