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Sustaining a prophet in my dining room

Over Conference weekend I found myself buried under a pile of work that I wanted to catch up on. I’d resolved to store general conference sessions up so that I might make my usual pilgrimage the next day: I’d listen to the sessions as I wandered through art museums, searching for those paintings that depicted the […]

… in all patience and faith

On a number of occasions in the past few months, the subject of Joseph Smith- and by extension, the leadership of lay ministry- has come up as I’ve met with women in my stewardship, and other friends and acquaintances. I think on words uttered as a promise and warning from Moroni to Joseph at their […]

An Ensign to the Nations, a Light to the World

I’m so excited to be studying from the Teachings of Gordon B. Hinckley in Relief Society this year. For the first time, I’m flipping through a manual of lessons that I actually remember first-hand. This is how all of the old ladies in my childhood wards learned in Sunday lessons… needless to say… I’m feeling […]

But most importantly, it testifies of Jesus Christ!

I love snooping on my friends, and love even more when they they share their testimonies in little snippets. My sweet friend Jennie just finished reading the Doctrine and Covenants and put this on Facebook which has spurred me on to make my scriptural experiences the best experiences of my own life! This simple book […]

Signs of the Power of God

My friend Leslie McKinlay gave this talk in sacrament meeting today. _____________________________ I’m going to talk about signs.  Not the type of sign that I hung on my childhood bedroom door telling my brother to go away.  Or the type of sign you see on the tube telling you to move down the carriage, although […]

A Prophet, Seer & Revelator 

I have had this screen shot saved on my phone for a few weeks:    I saved this snippet of teaching because it struck me how vast the calling of “apostle” is. Dallin H. Oaks here displays his call to be a special witness of Christ, and a leader and steward of His church. First, […]

Plain and Precious Truths (1 Nephi 13)

As I’ve been studying lately, a simple phrase in the Book of Mormon has had me pondering at every spare moment for a few days. I’ve been thinking of the state of Jerusalem at the time of a few prophets who were called to immerse themselves in a chaotic people and preach a warning. Lehi was […]