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Over the weekend, some girlfriends and I stopped in at out local pub for [virgin] drinks and traditional pub-food. The topic of our conversation turned to our youthful follies and childhood pets; two seemingly unrelated, yet proven inter-relatable subjects. We talked about hamsters who’d chewed through electric cables, goldfish who’d suicide-jumped their way to freedom […]


It was a rough first two weeks in South Africa as I struggled to get used to the differently filtered drinking water. Truth be told, I mostly saw the inside of my bathroom during this time. When we lived in Ghana, Kip called this “Ghanarrhoea.” Either way, it’s humiliating and I can’t believe I’ve even […]


Many thanks to my parents for dressing me in a practical duvet to keep out the autumn chill way back when.  Just in case you are being distracted by the equally bundled brother, the seventies-tastic coat modeled by mother, or the frugal stroller that looks like it was made from a shopping trolley, here it […]


This is a picture of me at my graduation last week.  I wasn’t prepared for the huge responsibility that comes with graduating an American university; least prepared of all for the heavy crown that I had to don.  The fur cloak, I was completely down with- PETA can go sod themselves. Just kidding.  Though I […]


After a whole year of somewhat sporadic dedication, I have finally concluded my experience in the creek- Dawson’s Creek to be specific.  Some of you will have noticed that I plopped Dawson on The Guilty Pages last week because even as I found myself once again engrossed in the politically correct/ social boundary hopping/ over-vocabularized teen-soap, […]


FUGITIVE PIECES- Anne Michaels.  Buy it, borrow it, fall in love with it. My testimony of Anne Michaels’ proficiency as a poet manifested itself when I realized that I had spent most of my time not tracing each line of text rhythmically before turning the next page, like I usually do, but instead staring into […]


(scroll down for link to “What Stormtroopers do on their day off”) I may or may not have thrown up a little, writing “Y’ALL.”  That truly was a freak occurrence, so I do hope you american readers enjoyed it while it lasted.  On to bigger and better items of business… Today is Christmas day, Ebenezer […]

I thought I’d take a break…

… from my midnight studying which has been catered by my lovely roommate Johanna. Which reminds me: sour cream and onion pringles always make me smile because when Alastair and I were maybe 7 and 8, we had our cousins Ben and Jordan over for the weekend and happened to eat a box of them. […]