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Lehi’s Last Chat with Jacob

Here’s a lesson I taught at institute this summer. As with all the lessons I put together and record here, I wish I had a way to remember all of the comments that come out of our discussions. Those moments of sharing the spirit and sharing ideas are sacred moments of testimony and growth that […]

More Holiness Give Me

In fast and testimony meeting a sister bore her testimony of what she perceived to be a great spiritual battle waging in our time. All around, she said, the adversary threatened the spirituality of God’s children- and she wondered how we might more effectively wield our swords of the spirit; adorned in the armour of […]

A Summer With Great Aunt Rose

I really wanted to make sure I had documented all the talks at women’s conference this year; the messages there were poignant and tailored to our struggles today. Being a busy relief society president and finding myself short of hours in the day, I was grateful that my mother was willing to share with me […]