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She believed in the saviour

A very quick one today:   I’m indexing right now (don’t be too impressed; this is not a normal occurrence for me). I’m transcribing death announcements from old English newspapers from the 1700s that are typically just a date and a name with a family connection. One name has stood out to me.¬†Elizabeth Payne’s death […]

Preserve & protect the family

I taught Relief Society today and it was one of those lessons where I was just so happy to hear the wisdom, observations and testimonies of the women there. I associate with world class women, I really do. They’re young and they’re brilliant. They’re figuring life out and they’re learning and failing and forgiving and […]

A Summer With Great Aunt Rose

I really wanted to make sure I had documented all the talks at women’s conference this year; the messages there were poignant and tailored to our struggles today. Being a busy relief society president and finding myself short of hours in the day, I was grateful that my mother was willing to share with me […]


I made a quick trip to Utah where my parents are setting up the next chapter of their lives. They’re empty-nesters now, and we all came together for a “hurrah!” before we all separated once more for who knows how long. Utah’s great for many things, and most of all in my humble opinion, is […]


  Pre-mission, little brother Connor came to visit his old-sis in the Big Smoke. It was lovely to have him to myself for a couple of days, where I showed him off at church, and showed him some of my favourite haunts. Here he is in Trafalgar Square: Sibs. Connor and I are nine whole […]


There’s something unacceptable about February. It’s dismal and cold and the drudge of normalcy and winter rolled into one just makes me decide that it’s the worst month ever. Don’t even get me started on that St. Valentine fiasco. Anyway, feeling the weight of the the winter, I slipped away for a few days to […]


I am an aunt and I’m thrilled about it! I’d be even more thrilled if I could be snuggling with the little guy, breathing in that newborn smell and trying not to be too awkward when he’d inevitably wriggle around in hopes of escape, all the while crying. I tend to have that effect on […]


Earth hath not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by A sight so touching in its majesty This City now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning; silent, bare, Ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie Open unto the fields, and to the sky; […]


Over the weekend, some girlfriends and I stopped in at out local pub for [virgin] drinks and traditional pub-food. The topic of our conversation turned to our youthful follies and childhood pets; two seemingly unrelated, yet proven inter-relatable subjects. We talked about hamsters who’d chewed through electric cables, goldfish who’d suicide-jumped their way to freedom […]


Tonight he leaves for his next big adventure: college! It’s hard to believe little Logan has been home since September. Way back then I started a blog post about him, but never finished. And since it’s a new year, I can pretend that I’m going to be 100% better at this. So I finished it… […]