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Feed My Sheep

It’s only Friday, yet I feel as though this week could have been stretched quite easily over an entire month. In my calling, I observe that the workload often swells and subsides, over and over. It’s predictable in its pattern, much like waves coming in to shore. Occasionally, my little beach is hit by a […]

Anticipating New Apostles (A Broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit)

Since the last installment of the Semi-Annual General Conference of the Church in April, three apostles have passed away. President Boyd K. Packer, president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, died in July; Elder L. Tom Perry died in May and yesterday Elder Richard G. Scott passed away. I wrote recently on the call of […]

A Prophet, Seer & Revelator 

I have had this screen shot saved on my phone for a few weeks:    I saved this snippet of teaching because it struck me how vast the calling of “apostle” is. Dallin H. Oaks here displays his call to be a special witness of Christ, and a leader and steward of His church. First, […]

The Character of Christ

I’ve been having a challenging time lately. Sometimes I feel the real temptation to shake my fists at the heavens and question God, “why! I know I’m a decent person; I know I work hard, and I really try!” For about a month, I really have felt like I’ve been plummeting, hitting road block after road block, […]