Recently a new acquaintance, after a couple of weeks of me passing by her desk and chatting here and there, stopped me and asked me which God was mine. I asked her she meant and she said that she could “see that something was different about me” and that after thinking about it long and hard, she had decided that that thing was God. Aside from it being the most flattering moment of my entire existence, I started to feel anxious. She had switched a switch inside of me, and I didn’t quite understand what it was. I think it’s a sudden need to share… but more than that, maybe it’s a need to appreciate more fully my faith, and what makes me, I hope, me. I started to open my eyes wider, and to pay attention to the details of the gospel that spoke to me. Do I treasure the nuggets of wisdom that dance across my instagram feed every day, or pop off the pages of my scriptures? When I read or hear something good, how good is it? Good enough to pick me up for a moment, or good enough for me to study every word, share every word, cross-stitch it on a pillow or have it recreated in airspace by one of those pollution-y planes?


I hope it’s no surprise to you that I love God. The more I learn about my heavenly parents, the more I think I find myself. I don’t think I was ever lost… but I feel myself becoming more and more like the person I think they hope of me.

So. In an effort to work a little harder, I’m writing my “finds” here, a place where I also on occasion write about the things and places in my life. Yes, it’s a bit of a jumble. But it’s mine so there!

I have to stress that what I write there is merely my interpretation of the “plain and precious” truths I come across. I can’t let you believe that anything I say there is more than just personal feeling or interpretation. In other words, I’m not gospel. You’re invited to read it, add to it, whatever you fancy.

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