Mormon 2-4

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Study Question:
In Alma, we read about how the Nephites won their battles because of righteousness. Why do you think they continued to win battles even after they had grown wicked?

Mormon leads the Nephites to battle and even though their army is small, they defeat their enemies, nevertheless they do not have the Spirit of the Lord with them. The Nephites become so wicked that Mormon refuses to lead them to battle. The Nephites and Lamanites become more wicked than ever in the history of the people of Nephi and there is great bloodshed.

Mormon 3:2
“And it came to pass that the Lord did say unto me: Cry unto this people—Repent ye, and come unto me, and be ye baptized, and build up again my church, and ye shall be spared.”

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Rachael D: Mormon 3:12 stood out to me when I was studying these chapters. Mormon loved them with the love of God and with all his heart. He prayed for them with all his soul all day long. However, Mormon says it was without faith because of the hardness of their hearts. I was pondering on how amazing Mormon was and how he could have prayed without faith. I was wondering when do I pray for someone but I lack faith because I don’t believe they will change.


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