Alma 7-9


Study question:
How has keeping the commandments and living righteously allowed our own light and power from God within us deliver us from our difficulties?

Alma preaches repentance and baptises in the land of Gideon and in the land of Melek. Faced with hardened hearts in Ammonihah, his words were rejected and he was casted out of the land. An angel commands him to return. Together with a righteous servant of the Lord; Amulek, they received power and the spirit to preach God’s words to the people. They were cast into prison but delivered by the power of God within them.

Alma 9:28
“Therefore, prepare ye the way of the Lord, for the time is at hand that all men shall reap a reward of their works, according to that which they have been–if they have been righteous they shall reap the salvation of their souls, according to the power and deliverance of Jesus Christ; and if they have been evil they shall reap the damnation of their souls, according to the power and captivation of the devil.”

Whitney: I’ve been incorporating the Book of Mormon study guide into my readings (…/book-of-mormon-student-study…) and will continue to share insights from our church leaders when relevant. I’m learning quite a bit when combining words from ancient prophets (Book of Mormon) and recent ones. 💟

President James E. Faust, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, said: “All of us have made wrong turns along the way. I believe the kind and merciful God, whose children we are, will judge us as lightly as He can for the wrongs that we have done and give us the maximum blessing for the good that we do. Alma’s sublime utterance [in Alma 9:26] seems to me an affirmation of this” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1996, 75; or Ensign, Nov. 1996, 53).

Rachael D: Alma 7:23-24, Alma teaches the people of Gideon how to live righteously. It is a beautiful list to live our lives by and I like how he teaches this after the atonement and making covenants. In chapter 8, Alma is weighed down with sorrow after being rejected by the people of Ammonihah. An angel tells him to rejoice because he has been faithful. Sometimes we get down because of everything around us but we should find joy in living righteously.

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