Alma 56-58


Study Question:
How did Helaman’s tactics and belief help him win the war against the enemy?

My summary of these 3 chapters was very enlightening and very eye open it made me realize that we got have faith in God at all times because he always deliver us from our enemy’s and evil even if we have to wait months for his help he is there soothing our spirits and strengthen us at all times.

Alma 56:47

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Rachael D: It is amazing how none of the sons of Helaman died during the war even though all were wounded. They were firm and undaunted, obeyed with exactness, had exceeding faith, trusted in God continually, fixed with a determination, strict to remember the Lord day to day and stand fast are just some of the phrases used to describe these amazing warriors. They gave 100% in faith, obedience, remembrance and trust.

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