Alma 53-55


Study Question:
What covenants have we made and what are we doing (or choosing not to do) in order to keep them?

The Anti-Nephi-Lehis feel guilty that Nephites are dying in their defense and want to take up arms, but Helaman urges them to keep their covenant and their sons take up arms instead. Ammaron and Moroni negotiate the exchange of prisoners. A Lamanite helps the Nephites to inebriate the Lamanite guards and arm Nephite prisoners so they can escape.

Alma 53:17
“And they entered into a covenant to fight for the liberty of the Nephites, yea, to protect the land unto the laying down of their lives; yea, even they covenanted that they never would give up their liberty, but they would fight in all cases to protect the Nephites and themselves from bondage.”

Rachael D: We can learn so much about keeping covenants in the war chapter from the captains, sons of Helaman and the Nephites. I remember being taught about Alma 55: 30-32 where the Nephites test all wine on the Lamanites because if it poisoned a Lamanite it would poison a Nephite. Our leaders warn us about gambling, pornography and other poisons. We cannot act in this and think we will be fine because we are strong, for it is poison to everyone. The commandments and covenants are there to protect us and all children of God, both Lamanites and Nephities.


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