Alma 51-52


Study Question:
What practical and spiritual messages can we glean from these chapters than apply to our lives today?

The Nephites are divided between King-men who want a new government and freemen, who want to maintain the reign of the judges. A vote is taken and the majority choose to maintain judges. Lamanites come to battle against the Nephites again and take many cities. Teancum kills Amalickiah in his sleep. The Nephites reclaim some of their cities. Some Lamanites surrender. The rest are taken prisoner.

Alma 51:24
“24 And those who fled out of the city of Moroni came to the city of Nephihah; and also the people of the city of Lehi gathered themselves together, and made preparations and were ready to receive the Lamanites to battle.”

Rachael D: Alma 52:19 tells us they held a council of war to work out the best way to defeat the Lamanites. By working together, they were able to take back the city of Mulek. This reminds me we are not alone, we can support each other and council with our leaders. We don’t have to fight all our battles by ourselves.

Yiksee L: When we are internally divided and conflicted, that is when Satan creeps in. So we need to keep ourselves spiritually strong. Also, when acting out of anger, the Teancum, the spirit won’t be with us.

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