Alma 23-25


Study Question:
What characteristics or behaviors distinguish people who are truly converted?

Religious freedom is proclaimed. The Lamanites in seven lands and cities are converted. They call themselves Anti-Nephi-Lehies and are freed from the curse. The Amalekites and the Amulonites reject the truth. The Lamanites come against the people of God. The Anti-Nephi-Lehies rejoice in Christ and are visited by angels. They choose to suffer death rather than to defend. Many Lamanites are converted and join the people of Anti-Nephi-Lehi. They believe in Christ and keep the law of Moses.

Alma 23:7
“For they became a righteous people; they did lay down the weapons of their rebellion, that they did not fight against God any more, neither against any of their brethren.”

Rachael D:  I think they really understood who they were as children of God. Alma 24:14 says that the plan of salvation was made known unto them because he loveth our souls. They understood their own worth and how much they were loved and knew the worth of an individual whether he was a Nephite or a Lamanite. I believe this lead them to bury their swords/past/sins for peace. They made a covenant and were not going to break it whatever happens.

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