Alma 14-16


Study Question:
How have prophets helped you to see the silver lining, no matter how faint it first appears?

Summary: Understanding why God allows the righteous to suffer can be a difficult principle for us to understand but in these chapters we understand from Alma and Amulek’s experiences it is for the purpose of judgement to be just.

Alma 14:11
“It was revealed to Alma that the people will be received in glory. He was blessed to see the goodness even amidst such a tragedy.

Rachael D: In Alma 8 we read how Amulek takes Alma into his home after seeing a vision as he knows Alma will bless him and his house. Alma taught Amulek then after some time they went to preach among the people, they were rejected and put into prision in Ammoniah and had some success in Sidom. I never realised how much Amulek gave up, Alma tells us that he took Amulek to his home because he couldn’t go back home. He had to leave his belongings and was rejected by his father, kindred and friends. Alma minister unto him because of his tribulations (Alma 15:16-18). Amulek was strengthened because of the words of the prophet and we can also.

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