Mosiah 8-10


Study Question: How does our attitude towards the Lord affect our lives/perspective?

Summary: These chapters focus on 2 things:
Chapter 8 focuses on the records King Limhi’s’ men found. It is the record of the people of Ether and Limhi is told about Alma the prophet and seer by Ammon.
Chapter 9 and 10 is the record of Zeniff and an account of his dealings (wars) with the nephites.

Scripture: Mosiah 9:19 “And I, myself, with mine own hands, did help to bury their dead. And behold, to our great sorrow and lamentation, two hundred and seventy-nine of our brethren were slain.”


Rachael D: Mosiah 10:10-11 tells us that the people of Zeniff went into battle with the strength of the Lord. They were a hardworking people who remembered the Lord and what he had done for them and their ancestors. The Lamanites went into battle relying on their own strength. The Lamanites were lazy, idolatrous and believed the traditions of their fathers that they were wronged. When we have challenges we can choose to face them with the strength of the Lord or just rely on ourselves.

Monica CI was going to say the same thing as Rachel, but instead quote Mosiah 9: 17-19, in which Mosiah helps to bury the dead despite their cruelty

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