2 Nephi 32-33


Study Question: In Nephi’s last written words to us, he reflects on a lifetime of hardship and faith, and notes: “I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus, for he hath redeemed my soul.” How can you likewise simplify your lives and “glory in plainness and truth?”

Summary: Nephi is grieved because of the rebelliousness of the natural man. He urges us to stay close to the Holy Ghost, who will never lead us astray. He pleads with us to turn to our Heavenly parents in prayer- and states that the dissuasion of prayer comes from the devil. He equates the truthfulness of the record of the Book of Mormon with the reality of the saviour Jesus Christ.

Daily Scripture: 2 Nephi 33:4 “And I know that the Lord God will consecrate my prayers for the gain of my people. And the words which I have written in weakness will be made strong unto them; for it persuadeth them to do good; it maketh known unto them of their fathers; and it speaketh of Jesus, and persuadeth them to believe in him, and to endure to the end, which is life eternal.”


Rachael D: In 2 Nephi 32, Nephi teaches us to feast upon the words of Christ for they will tell us all things that we should do (a blessing of this challenge). Nephi also teaches that we should pray so that our works are for the welfare of our soul. I think as we study and pray the spirit comes into our lives and we are able to priorities/simplify our lives and glory in truth. Nephi tells us that many people will not search for truth and esteem the scriptures as naught because of the hardness of their hearts. When we study and pray we humble ourselves and open our heart.

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