Best thing about visiting with family over the past month was bonding with nephew Emre who, by the way, loves me. He is his own little commander; doesn’t like to do what he doesn’t want to do, and walked around like he’s leading a posse. I dig it. I babysat him while his parents went to dinner one night and we played pool (an endless round of dropping balls in pockets and pushing them into other pockets), walked around and learned about nature and science (I invented a lot of that gobbledygook- he’ll never know), learned how to say “fish” as we tried to scare the contents of an aquarium, and I tricked him into snuggling and hand holding using the glorious wiles of technology (thanks YouTube).

This kid isn’t a cuddly guy, which is why I knew I’d cracked him when, during Brother Logan’s wedding, I carried him around the garden and pointed out different flowers (he loves flowers) which he in turn pointed to. Eventually he pressed his little cheek to mine, which I think was his way of saying “I love you Aunt Holl, you’re the best aunt in the whole world and I you’re super smart about all of this nature you’re teaching me about.”

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