A Prophet, Seer & Revelator 

I have had this screen shot saved on my phone for a few weeks:
I saved this snippet of teaching because it struck me how vast the calling of “apostle” is. Dallin H. Oaks here displays his call to be a special witness of Christ, and a leader and steward of His church. First, he describes the state of our day and prophesies of its continued state. He can do this because he is a prophet- but also because his day to day life is consecrated to travel the worlds corners, to visit it’s people, to be amongst the suffering ands to be on the front lines of natural and man made disaster. 
Second, he calls on the scriptures and prophesies made of old, acknowledging their fruition.
Third, he testifies of the saviour and His divine and merciful role in the lives of individuals and of whole societies. 
I think of my own interaction with the apostles. When I settle down twice a year at general conference, I listen to their words- to their plea for betterment, to their comforting words of encouragement, to their warnings, and to their special testimonies that tell me they are witnesses to the realness of the Christ, the realness of the restored church and priesthood on the earth and the realness of the Book of Mormon. I remember meeting some apostles in the flesh. Elder Ballard and Elder Nelson walked into the room and at once the feeling was different. It was no longer a work day for me; it was a sacred day. I marvelled to see them relaxed as they waited to be interviewed in another room. They sat relaxed, they socialised, but they never ceased their apostolic call. What they spoke of in these waiting nugatory moments was Christ. They defended Him. They revered Him. Even if their audience was just me: they filled the room with knowledge and love of the Saviour, a man they knew.
As they advocate for Christ so Christ advocates for them. 1 Samuel 3:19:

“And Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground.”

Of this scripture, President Heber J. Grant explained,

“You need have no fear that when one of the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ delivers a prophecy in the name of Jesus Christ, because he is inspired to do that, that it will fall by the wayside. I know of more than one prophecy, which, looking at it naturally, seemed as though it would fall to the ground as year after year passed. But lo and behold, in the providences of the Lord, that prophecy was fulfilled.” (Grant, Gospel Standards, p. 68.)

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