The best day of the year, I reckon, Is Eater Sunday. On this day, the Christian world remembers and celebrates the day the messiah rose from the grave, a resurrected being. Death became life, darkness became light. It was the greatest miracle and symbol of our journey here on Earth: because of Him, we can likewise be made whole again, we can triumph over darkness and misery, we can live again.

Whether or not you’re religious, the story of his man’s life on earth- for He truly, historically lived on this earth- is a story of faith, diligence, good works and compassion. A life lived without guile, anger, greed, impatience. He dedicated His time to serving others. His peers and his enemies wrote histories of miracles He performed. And at the end of His life He did something unfathomable; He volunteered His life and died, even His last words expressing compassion for his oppressors.

I believe He did it for us; the price for our salvation, should we desire it.

I believe that Because of Him, I can start over… and over and over! I can look forward, I can work harder to be better in all things. Because of His example, I know I’m capable of doing good in the world. Because of Him I can see the goodness of others around me. Because of Him I know what hope, love, beauty, peace, faith, courage, strength, integrity, and humility look like.

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