dont-tell-me-what-to-do-amy-poehler-gif1I wish I could tell you that my favourite thing to say is “Yes!” or “I love you!” or “It’s handled.” (Olivia Pope, anyone? Anyone?)

Instead it’s this: “Don’t tell me what to do!” Mostly because saying it is empowering, while establishing the fact that I’m the sassiest one in the room. Also because I take my independence very seriously, and I think it’s important to be fully behind everything you do and say. I think I have a sixth sense for when people are seeking to remove my agency from a situation, and trying that with me is like trying to cop a feel without my permission (which by the way you’ll never have permission to do that. Let’s get married first).

I love powerful people, but I love even more powerful polite people. Polite people don’t impose their agenda of you in a way that you can easily identify. When someone says “Do this” or “do that” or “hand me that” or “say this,” immediately my back is up and my brain cells are suiting up for war. Polite powerful people are usually crafty enough to hide their agenda in invitations or reverse psychology, and I’m OK with it, because in my mind I feel like if someone is going to go to that much trouble to try and manipulate me, they ought to be rewarded somehow, and my compliance seems like an easy way to do it.

I realise I am giving away my game plan a little bit here- I am an inviter. I wouldn’t say I’m a manipulator, but you can decide- I won’t tell you how to think.

Having said that, here are some exceptions to the rule. These people can tell me what to do (mostly because I’m confident that they value my agency as much as I do)

a) God, in any circumstance.

b) God’s prophets

c) My dad

I thought that list would be longer but it’s not, and that’s OK.

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