Queue cutting is BAD FORM. But the people who do it are not the worst people in the universe. They’re usually “cool” people, or people in a hurry, or people who have deemed it worth it to part with a 20 somewhere along the line. Just let them have it.

When I was eighteen I was the most embarrassed in my whole life (that’s not true, but it’s up there) in a small airport in India. We had been in a queue for hours in the middle of the busiest night I think the airport had ever handled. We were so tired, and so hot, and so tired, and so irritated that the line just wasn’t moving. Somewhere in the midst of the zombie-like chaos, and with the impending chance of eventually missing our flights, my father tried to start a riot.

I feel like some of you will think that I am just being dramatic. But it’s true.

In the crowd of static stillness of thousands of people stood in line, one rich looking guy could be seen making waves as bewildered onlookers considered his audacity in weaving his way forwards, sneakily placing himself between queueing families closer to the end goal.

Then he made the mistake of trying to cross my Irish tempered dad.

“Ack! I don’t think so! Who do you think you are!?”

Those of you who know my dad will not believe me, knowing him to be the most chilled out man of all time. But let me tell you. He lost his ish.

People around us who’d been on to this imposter nodded in support of my ranting dad. Dad took note of this, and in a surprising turn, decided to let his rant evolve into a full-on call for unified opposition as he started chanting, with very animated arm movements, “GO BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK! BACK!”

It was obvious he’d hoped the crowds would join in.

To be fair I think my Mom joined him for about two “BACK” ‘s.

But he was met with silence, awkward side-glances of disbelief, and his darling children dissolving into a pile of teary nervous laugher.

I was so embarrassed. I wanted so badly to support my Dad, but at the same time I wanted to join the majority- and the majority of people were just like who the hell cares; it happens.

So. I have learned, that some people in life will cut corners, and some people will think they are important enough to jump queues. It’s shady business, and everyone knows it- but the fact is that they’ve already weighed it up and decided to go for it regardless. The easiest thing on your blood pressure, and by far the coolest approach is to just not concern yourself. Like worse things have happened.

WARNING- there’s terrible language in this clip.

I feel like I have to ward you again: lots of swearing and awkwardness.


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