Anne of Green Gables (whom I have already referred to in this little exercise) once dismisses the idea of a suitor because he’s just too nice. This is not to say that nice boys are not what nice girls should want- because that’s most definitely the ideal scenario. Anne puts it in perspective when she says she needs just a streak of wicked in her man. And I agree with her. Provided the word “wicked” is treated with the highest propriety.

What I mean by sauce- on the side rather than fully distributed in one’s psyche- is just a little bit of somethin’ somethin’ that’s probably one part inappropriate, two parts respectocence (which is respect and innocence blended), five parts humour, two parts shocking, and one part lies. Yeah, that’s probably its ingredients. If I could explain it to you in visual terms, it’s a single arched eyebrow and a sidesmile. I feel like you may be beginning to think that I’ve run out of ideas for my 27 pieces of KNOWLEDGE, but don’t lose faith in me just yet.

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