I made a vow to myself and to all humanity when I was fifteen that I would be nicer in my brain because even I got sick of my own internal dialogue as I made my way through my little existence. I think it’s one thing to bite your tongue when you see the most hideous outfit walking towards you, or when your friend shows up with the biggest zit smack dab in the centre of his forehead. Biting your tongue is classy, but it’s an easy, quick-fix job. I decided I needed to take drastic measures, because deep down the mind-rant was ugly and I was a closeted mean girl.

I started to train myself to start complimenting passers-by in my mind. It was like a self-motivational mind-makeover. And ultimately- and I’ll let you imagine the shining halo that’s slowly settling on my perfect hair right now- it makes you a better human.


When I think nicely about strangers, I love my friends harder, I’m better at making new friends, and I’ve got a better chance at being a peacemaker. Which is the goal, people. I also began to realise that God just doesn’t make ugly people, and that there’s something sensational in everyone. I imagine strangers lives. Maybe they’re going through the hardest time right now. Maybe today is the best day in their entire life. Maybe yesterday they met their soulmate. Maybe tomorrow’s their last day on earth. Either way, I’m quite sure that I’m the last person to critique their mien. This morning I ate a half-bad cucumber and didnt consider it an all-time low because it still counted as one of my 5 a day; there’s a pile of clean laundry in my room that’s going on 2 weeks old that still needs to be folded, and my landlord just told me that she’s glad my skin is clearing up since the last time she saw me. So I’m pretty much a disaster.

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