Tonight he leaves for his next big adventure: college! It’s hard to believe little Logan has been home since September. Way back then I started a blog post about him, but never finished. And since it’s a new year, I can pretend that I’m going to be 100% better at this. So I finished it…

In early September I hopped on a plane to Zurich to be greeted by Dad, Lois Lane and Elder McKee! What an incredible way to see the Summer out. Switzerland is acutely beautiful and the chance to be with little brother at the end of his two years of full time service as a missionary was so unforgettable. Logan’s just the best (how lucky am I to have the coolest brothers?), and watching him in his last week as a missionary was inspiring.

IMG_2426Here we are, reunited. How cool is it to be able to say you watched your missionary brother’s last baptism in the field? Heard him give a talk in his mission language? Met his companions and converts? Walked in the same streets as he did on snowy, brilliantly cold days? I could feel how special it was to him to be in that land, so sacred to him.


IMG_2517Logan is Swiss, through and through. Like a fish to water, he just embodies that classy, clean lifestyle. It’s funny to watch how much it’s a part of him. The Swiss are probably the ideal citizens of the world: responsible, clean, friendly and consequently rich. How do I get to sign up for that?

IMG_2347Basel: one of Logan’s favourite towns to serve in. When we were there it was scorching hot, and people were swimming down the river with their clothes bundled in bags that floated behind them. I’d love to be able to swim to work if the Thames were as clean as the Rhine. in Switzerland.


IMG_2382Outside the town hall…

IMG_2386The town square in Basel smells of cheese, probably because there’s wheels of cheese all over the place.IMG_2388Rivella, the best non-alcoholic beverage to come out of that side of Europe. I can’t really tell you what it tastes of because I have no idea. IMG_2434Look at those tram lines!IMG_2729Even on the darkest days, the Rhine is the most pristine blue you’ve ever seen. I don’t know how it’s possible, entirely. But you can see clear down to the bottom. Every water fountain you see trickling away in the towns are completely safe to drink from.IMG_2524ThunIMG_2562I loved visiting Zermatt, one of Logan’s P-day favourites. Home of the Matterhorn mountain, embedded in the Alps, it was  the most beautiful town I’ve ever visited. And honestly makes Park City laughable.

IMG_2609We took cable cars to the tops of the mountains, leaving the beautiful town below us…IMG_2589… and we landed on glaciers that looked so intimidating I had to look away.IMG_2637Here I am at 12,739 feet, where the air is thin and I was FREEZING, despite my huge coat.IMG_2650Anyway, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all feel jealous that Logan got to stay in this beautiful country for two years! But we were so happy to have him all to ourselves again!

PS. Here’s me and Lois


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