I’m not a musical-theater-sing-songy-buff-groupie. It’s just not in my blood. Well, that’s a lie- it’s in my blood. But if your parents ran around the house singing West Side Story and Joseph and the Technicolored Jacket or whatever, YOU’D also put a lot of effort into avoiding it at all costs.

Having said that, I went to a showing of Wicked at the Victoria Apollo with a couple of very good friends, and was actually very impressed. I still don’t know why the dragon was presiding over the whole affair, but the show- the music, storyline and staging were all amazing. It has changed my mind about the whole affair.

… But then I went to see Les Mis (the movie, not the show) and I was instantly put back into my original frame of mind. WHY SING EVERY SINGLE WORD? My philosophy is that if you’ve ran out of palpable tunes, don’t just go with it and sing every little thing. Also if you can’t carry a tune, don’t sing. I’m looking at you Russell Crowe. Hugh has the kind of singing voice that makes me turn the radio off. WHO KNOWS WHY Anne Hathaway got an Oscar for her performance- she was in the movie for all of 5 minutes. The only good one was Eddie Redmayne, and he didn’t even make it on the movie poster. For shame. In short the whole thing was miserable. But I guess that’s the whole point of the show?


  1. Sorry, Hollie! 😉

  2. Lacey Parr · · Reply

    Ugh. Totally agree about Les Mis. I just kept rolling my eyes through the whole thing. And WHY does everyone have to die? Sheesh.

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