Ripley castle

I almost forgot my birthday this year. I certainly forgot to register for my birthday this year. Despite this I got some lovely gifts. My parents, who usually roll their eyes at how picky I am and just give me the spending money, surprised me this year with a beautiful gift that came in a Swarovski box. And as you all know, you can never go wrong with anything that comes from Swarovski. Or Tiffany’s (next year, folks).

Anyway I was invited to spend the weekend in Yorkshire with two of my favourite people, Aunty Tricia and Uncle Tony. So I hopped on a MegaBus, which I think is the best kind of bus a) because its cheaper than a family size packet of crisps and b) because they have wifi and power sockets which meant I could work the entire time. As soon as I arrived in Leeds, I began to feel like I was in ENGLAND. It’s strange to think that I haven’t been feeling this was for the past month, but I suppose London is its own universe in and of itself. In Yorkshire, I began to feel like I was at home. The foggy air and hanging rain, the small town politeness of strangers, the smell of real grass. I was so excited to be there.


I love my aunt and uncle. Mainly because they remind me so much of my parents. Especially Tony, who could be my mother’s twin. They spoiled me silly, I really did feel like the birthday girl. We went to English pubs, visited York, watched my favourite Jane Eyre (Sorry you hated it Tone), had delicious chinese food and delectable cake, visited with more lovely family, scoured pound shops, and laughed the whole weekend through. It was really the best trip. I’m so grateful to live near family.

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