Just for the sake of “journaling” and remembering what happened in my puny existence- I went to Brussels last month for work and decided that I could quite happily live and die in that fair city. It had been a long time since I had visited, and returning brought back memories of my brother Alastair having a tantrum in the middle of the town square, giggling at the Manneken Piss, and us traipsing to the Atonium at the end of the day, worn out, exhausted and whining the entire time so that we literally stood under the Atonium and then turned around and walked all the way back to wherever it was that we were staying. Or camping. We did a lot of camping in those days.

Picture 16

This time round it was a whirlwind visit with good work buddies. We ate more waffles than I care to relate and I actually spent about $50 on chocolate. CHOCOLATE. I’ve never even bought a pair of shoes that expensive.

Well that’s a lie.

Other highlights include, oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING. It was in this city that I thought that I knew one shouldn’t think on their “mansions in heaven,” but i allowed myself a moment or two to lock in my memory some of those beautiful buildings and just hope.

brusselsWe look so touristy. Sister Brande (favourite), me and Grace in the town square. Grace I totes stole this pic from your facebook. Sue me.


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  1. Considered yourself sued

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