Whenever I’m on my way to work in the morning, I usually contend for pathway rights with ambitious Lycra clad runners. In the winter, and especially here in Europe, this means that every morning I get to witness a literal demonstration of all the winter-wear gadgets the SkyMall has to offer. Fancypants ear muffs, stretchy pants with built in this-that-and-the-others, head lamps , oxygen masks, solar powered whatevers.

I so desperately want to admire them for (1) having specific running GEAR that exceeds my  uniform, which involves usually kind of gross gymwear, and an iPod that has pretty pathetic- and may I add almost broken, earphones. And (2) being so motivated to actually get out there in the freezing snow and ice, risking embarrassing ice falls at every turn.

However, I find admiration in their feat virtually impossible as I see little sense in it. I’ll force myself to run when the sun wakes up at a decent hour (or goes to bed late enough that I don’t feel like I’m monopolizing my evening). This basically means that there’s a 4 month window in the year when I’ll even consider getting good and honest about running thing. Most of the rest of the time, it’s just not going to happen. Why? Because on top of the snow and rain aspect of things, there’s the fact that even when I do run in the summer, the whole experience can be characterized by the things that go through my head the entire time:

running sucks

This isn’t anything groundbreaking either. Why else do you think yoga and pilates were invented? I’d take slow motion stretching and breathing over running any day.


  1. One day you’ll see the beauty it in. I’ll admit, having the right gear makes a difference though.

  2. Preach to the choir! I hate this time of year. I live in Washington..moldy , dark Washington. I ran Monday night…and never again. Depressed? Tired? Yep. I hate it..no lack of motivation or energy. So my daughter’s friends dad is a cross country coach. He goes through the same thing, he runs ONE mile a day..everyday through the winter..if he wants to go more he does. Sometimes due to holiday busyness, he’ll run that one mile at 11 pm! EVERYDAY. I’m going to try it….just did my one…still feel sluggish , but on to tomorrow. Fyi..I am seriously predjudice against matchy running ensembles. This summer I had on my black and blue Nikes with black shorts and matching black shirt. Ran back to house to throw on yellow striped shirt.. I will not be a Barbie Runner..ever!!!

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