Every time I find myself at home with a few empty minutes, I immediately pick myself up and go in search of a piano that suddenly we no longer own. My parents have had a piano in their home since I was a little girl, so you can imagine the void I currently feel. I guess they got rid of it because I moved out. Little did they know I’d mooching off them once more. Love my life right now.

Anyway I have been trying to console my musical needs by watching piano performances on youtube, but the way those pianist professionals carry on annoys me. They waft their heads around, waddling their necks, looking like they are all about to cry at any moment. Get a grip, pianists! it’s awkward for me to watch you.

Here is a lesser example of piano drama. Paul Cardall plays Life and Death- love the song, but don’t waste too much time WATCHING because of the head/neck/drama and the manipulative visuals of sick people.

In other efforts, I recently discovered a rogue guitar in the attic. No one in our family actually plays the guitar. So it was an interesting discovery. Anyway I took to the internets to teach myself how to play it, and though I have lots and lots of pride faith in myself, I quickly remembered that my fingers are more trained r accustomed to playing a cello rather than a guitar type string instrument. In short, I’m terrible and will never ever be fit for the stage. Another dream, dead in the works.




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