The honeymoon is over.

Well, maybe it’s not.  Maybe I am still on the honeymoon, but while sight-seeing, the hubs and I run into a real life Grinch who kicks us in the tummy and runs away with our purses. I should correct myself and say that no husband of mine- hypothetical or not- would ever wear a purse. He would wear a satchel. Tangent. Bygones.

On the days that I don’t work, an old German man (his name is Adolf… I’m not lying) comes in and does finances for our department. He and I share the same desk, and it’s proving… challenging. Amid all of his stationary and photographs and papers- which I do not move or rearrange- I placed ONE personal item: this plaque, that I keep for sentimental reasons:

Then next day I came into the office to find this the following post-it stuck right underneath the plaque:

The first thing I noticed was that my name was spelled incorrectly.  Even though the post it note was regarding my NAME plaque. And it was placed directly under my NAME. Which is spelled correctly. The rest of the note I didn’t endeavor to interpret to seriously seeing as how I’d never met the man and was not sure of his sense of humor.

A second incident occurred when I left some brioche, sealed tightly and wrapped in plastic, on the desk, out of the way. The next day this was stuck on the bag:

(1) Mice? Really? (2) What if I like mice? (2b) I don’t. (3) Who puts Brioche in the fridge? Should one make this grave mistake and the whole texture of Brioche is ruined. (4) Our department fridge has a tendency of turning everything that is placed in it to ice. (5) Brioche made in France with an expiration date of 9 months from now is hardly “perishable.” (6) He really couldn’t spell my name correctly???

Again, I didn’t quite know if he was being serious, but my office-mate and fellow intern informed me that he was in fact serious, and that he was not happy with me at all.

Well, now I can’t decide what I want to do. Currently I am deciding between (a) leaving Brioche crumbs all over the desk, floor, chair.( b) “Spring cleaning” up all of his half drunk plastic water cups that he leaves on the window sill. (c) Adding a stuffed toy mouse to my personal item (singular) on the desk. And (d) leaving HIM a post it informing him that Her royal majesty the Queen is a “majesty” along with Jesus. And myself.



  1. fan of Brioche · · Reply

    I fully support your war on office terror. Reign my Majesty. Reign the dominion of your desk with an iron fist!

  2. Jon and I were laughing so hard at this. love you girl. Come home please, we miss you in Africa!!

  3. I miss YOUR love post its. You know what I’m talking about.

    1. … too bad post it proposals don’t count 🙂 You’re a mess and I’m a disaster.

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