My mother had a moment this week that made me think she could quite possibly be Mrs. Bennett, reincarnated. If Mrs. Bennett had in fact been real, and not merely a figment of Jane Austen’s imagination…

Prepare yourself for an actual real life quote. My mother overheard my father telling me about his work day, which included interaction with a man who happens to be single. My mother, at the mention of his name, jumped in, “Ooh, yes, Hollie! You should definitely go out with him. He has one of those robot vacuums that vacuums all day while he’s at work!” It was in the same tones as sweet Mrs. Bennett, and my father reacted with the sort of nonchalant bemused charm of Mr. Bennett.

I wish I could tell you I took it as gracefully as Elizabeth would have done. Instead I spat up juice laughing so hard.


  1. Katalin McKee · · Reply

    How rude!

    1. It’s true Mom.

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