By popular demand (I’m looking at you, Lace), a much overdue update on my life.  Things are relatively great right now.  Or at least much better than I anticipated they would be right now. It’s a little disconcerting to be an unwed nomad at such a period of my life, at least within the confines of my religion. Don’t get me wrong: I am not devastated at this fact: my life is the product of only my choices. But every now and then I wonder if maybe life is more purposeful for those who have someone to be so completely responsible for.

Regardless, existential crisis aside, I find myself in the throes of an adventure- or at least the beginning of one.


Germany is beautiful.  When I was a kid and history class for ten years consisted of “look what the Germans did to Europe!” (thanks, royalist British education) I never ever ever ever thought I would want to visit Germany. And here I am, wondering if it’s not the most beautiful place that ever existed. It’s everything that I think landscape artists WANT to paint. It even smells good. I was riding my bike through the forest the other day and I was really getting quite frustrated that I couldn’t place what I was smelling. When it hit me- the Alpine Breeze candle from Bed Bath Body Works & Infinity (I can never remember the name of that store).  Only I was experiencing the real thing!

I work for a worldwide institution doing PR for their Europe area. It’s a really great place to be, and I have a unique opportunity to work on projects that involve so many different countries. Last weekend  I was involved in a training seminar for people from 12 or so countries.  I was responsible for training them all on a segment of the conference- nerves never occurred to me until I was finished- should I have panicked or gotten sweaty palms?  It was just so fun!  I like the field of work that I’m in- even as I learn more and more about the work I am doing, it just feels like a natural fit for me.

My favourite thing about being here is the trains.  For 8 Euros a day you can be as free as you’ve never been.  My father likes to watch people on trains. He’s sort of like a modern day Sherlock Holmes: he tells the life stories of the passengers based on what they wear, how their hair is done, what items they bring with them. It’s quite funny to me, this version of trainspotting. I really do love the trains though. You’re immersed in the community- all levels of the class system. One moment your clinging onto the same railing as a Russian Fishmonger, the next moment you’re almost sitting in the lap of a Chinese investment banker.

The weather is turning slowly.  Every morning he chill feels deeper, and the sky seems to be getting lower and lower. Today it rained all day. I woke up to it slamming against my skylight window.  If I’d been in Utah still, it would have irritated me. But this morning, from my toasty bed, I just wriggled down further and imagined I was camping.




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