My life has been crazy lately. But I’ve had time to slip in some tourism. We went to Trier, which (history lesson) is the oldest city in Germany. The Romans built it as a “second Rome” which made me anticipate a second colosseum, a second Pantheon, a second Trevi Fountain, etc.  Well I guess the Romans were having an off day when they settled in Trier.  Maybe they were camping?  Don’t get me wrong, the place was still beautiful Here’s the Dom (the Romans didn’t build it):

Above, you can see the town center, the ceiling of the Dom, the gateway to the wall that surrounds the city, and a street view of the city.  What you can’t see is the delicious currywurst that you can but close to the town center, and the small gelato shop that made all my dreams come true.


  1. Hollie. I have TOTES been to Trier! Twinsees! That was one of my familie’s favorite cities.

    1. It’s pretty cool right?? Thats so funny that you have been there! Miss you! xo

  2. Hollie-I have totes been to Trier, I loved it! That was the first city I had Pomm Frites in with the mayonaise and cone cup. Anyway, jealous you got to go.

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