Well as awful as I am at keeping up with myself in blog format (as well as real- life-format, I should add), I take to the internets to officially close this small chapter of my life in the Americas.  It’s been the hardest decision I’ve ever made, mostly because it’s not a decision I actually wanted to make.  Regardless, the resounding assurance and peace that I have felt that this is the right choice for me right now has tipped the scales and prompted me to throw caution (as well as everything else) to the wind and set out on a new adventure.  Without getting heavy and sentimental with those of you in this great place, I’ll just say that my heart is broken at leaving you: my friends, my loves, my home.

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks: I made my decision, cried about it a lot, and tackled this:

… which quickly became something that resembled things I’ve only seen on HOARDERS:

… which made me realize that I should have a yard sale (cha-ching, by the way: no one ever made as much money as I did at a yard sale).  Finally, I boxed up my life, which looks heart-breakingly like this:

I think one of my ultimate party tricks is to impress people with how lightly I pack.  Don’t pretend you’re not astounded right now.

I’m not entirely sure what’s next in the cards for me, but I know that I’m excited (albeit slightly terrified) about London, I’m excited to spend a little quality time with my family for the first time in five years, and I’m optimistic that I’ll at least have some dreadful flying story for you all.  Last time I flew I was frisked to the point of sexual harassment and then placed in a holding cell for hours.  So odds are you can count on me for another traumatizing post of like.

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  1. Reading your last few posts I can really feel the bitter-sweetness of it all… perhaps more of the first than the latter. Remember that England is still your home and you have friends that await you- make sure you come to Lichfield to see us! 🙂 Who knows, you might even stumble across a hunk while you’re here!

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