Lana del Ray, introduced to me tonight by Michael (he’s a brilliant mind).  This song, Summertime Sadness, when played loud enough that the base lines rattle your rib cage and make your lungs somehow think they are the actual brains of your being, speaks the volumes of my heart right now.  Goodbye to the summer, and to everything it encompassed.  To all of the lessons learned and to the friendships that were found.  And the sweetest thing, the goodbye itself- it’s the thing that pulls me every which way right now, the thing that feels the most final.  On Monday I am leaving Utah, leaving the US for the time being.  I’ll admit to a feeling of reverse-grass-is-greener, even though my mind tells me that this is an impossibility.  I’ll miss this land, these people I now know as “home”: and I will forever feel this place as summer feels.



  1. Hollie I teared up as i read your post with Lana in the background. I am sad I didnt get to say good-bye. You will be missed. You were one of my first friends at BYU and you are with out doubt embedded in some of my fondest memories. I know only good times await you and I can’t wait to read your published work. Come back and visit!

    1. I’m sad too! Keep posting pictures of that cute kid of yours please!

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