Moonrise Kingdom, the latest cinematic installment from inspired director slash writer Wes Anderson, made my entire week this evening.  If you like good writing and you love a good laugh, this is the movie for you.  Exceptionally written with childishly simple cinematography, the whole picture is charming fun.  The cast is rather excellent as well.

The story goes (spoiler alert?) that young orphan and ex- scout Sam falls in love with Suzy after a long-short history of being pen pals.  Both burdened by juvenile throes of childhood, they agree to run away together, and do so successfully due to Sam’s impressive wilderness skills.

If that doesn’t entice you, this sure will:




  1. i love this movie, seriously its so great. now i want to watch it again.

  2. kirstennoelle&ryankeith · · Reply

    i love this movie, seriously. now i want to watch it again, but really.

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