Princess Diana is demonstrating my feelings on the following:

People who rely on an out-of-ordinary quirky physical factor to define their individuality as a human being.   I’m looking at you, Zooey Descanel.  Optologists have been attending very expensive schools in the past 50 years so that you don’t have to wear grandpa’s coke bottle lenses.  And I saw Elf: I know your natural speaking voice doesn’t sound like Kermit the frog.  Lady Gaga isn’t very pretty, has a mediocre voice and all of her songs sound the same, so I can see why she dresses like a maniac: without it, she’s celebrity-less.  But Nicki? Nicki has some marginal talent, even if she does sound like she’s trying to invent a cyber-age version of the cockney accent.  So, WHY, NICKI, WHY?

Look at Anna Wintour’s face.  Anna’s practically sitting on her white-sleeved neighbor’s lap.  There is no excuse for trying to look like the fresh princess of Tim Burton’s imagination.  That don’t impress me much (said Shania Twain).

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