I have had a little time on my hands.  While I await my new visa, I find myself a stay at home mom… minus the kids.  Being a stay at home roommate was awesome for the first week.  There were no dirty dishes in the sink, I bought REAL food (meaning fruits and vegetables) that I chopped and sealed neatly in zip lock bags.  I read books for PLEASURE, I made my bed every morning.

Here’s some other stuff I did:

The girls and I went camping in honour of Kristin’s birthday.  Sand Hollow is one of our favourite spots, with red sand dunes and crystal clear water.  We laid on the water all day long and roasted ourselves. SPF 50 though.  Safety first.

Partied hard for cinco de mayo.  (thanks for the images J.K.)

perfected the art of the quiche.  Just call me Martha.

Stole paint chips from the Home Depot and covered the dining room wall in them.  The result was something like a grade school project… but we’re ok with it…

Slowly got into painting again.

Like I said, REALLY SLOWLY got back into it.  Everything’s a work-in-progress around these parts.

Oh and I spent a lot of time here a couple of weeks ago as I was so ill I couldn’t move.  Urgh.



  1. start selling your paintings. i’m serious. i really love them and would buy them.

  2. Liked what you did – especially the quiche!

  3. i love that paint swatch one. so great. miss you holls!

  4. Your paintings are beautiful Hollie! How much do you charge??? I’m so so serious

  5. Rebecca · · Reply

    Being a stay at home roommate sounds sooooo great! I would love to do this for, like, 3 weeks. Oh how you live such a glamorous life L. Hollie McKee!

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