I visited Paris and she welcomed me with open arms.  I can’t quite describe the feeling of jumping from train to train and dodging through the bustling streets, lined with sculpted and archaic buildings.  The sugar in the air from the small but popular bakeries; the surreal feeling that accordions are providing the soundtrack to my day, stereotypical as it may be; the crisp air.  The only way I could think to describe it was HOME.  I was born to live in a place like this.

As little as I have cared for the french in the past (I’m British, it’s the law), of one thing I am certain: the food makes up for any animosity France could have caused me or my Queen.

Souvenir shops, in my opinion, should only present themselves in places of importance.  Paris is quite decidedly important- so I much agree with the thousands of tiny souvenir shops lined back to back along city streets.  Places like Blackpool and Southport in England, however, should not sport so many souvenir shops.  An old rickety rollercoaster and a strip of measly dirty beach does not warrant so much attention.

We watched the sun go down from a hill overlooking the city.

This is my creeper photo of a lady staring up at Notre Dame.  Just call me the Sartorialist. I love the picture though- it’s all anyone can do, for hours on end.  The building is so intricately adorned in detail.

Prepare yourselves for the most incredible quiche I have ever tasted in my entire life.  You know when you are hungry but just don’t know what could ever satisfy you?  This will forever be my answer to this feeling.

I tried to take a picture of Dad, but he’s easily distracted by awkward passers-by who are humming star wars songs to themselves…

One thing I love about being in a big city is the impeccable public transportation systems.  Paris: officially doing her part to protect our world from itself.

The Eiffel Tower, which by the way was packed.  There was a 6 hour wait to actually climb up the bloody thing- 4 hours if you wanted to use the stairs which, let’s face it, no one WANTS to do.  We all look distressed in this picture because the sun was burning our retinas.

Despite the awkward sizes of this exhibition, I think we can all agree that I should open a “Support Hollie’s new french lifestyle in Paris” funding program.



  1. Nice pictures. Apart from the quiche. Gross.

    1. it was DELECTABLE!!!!

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