We went to Versailles.  It was freeeeezing and a little bit rainy, but even still, it was breathtaking.  Prepare yourself for a barrage of photographs (iheartmycanon)…

Should the fates ever decide to favour me and adorn me with a palace, you’d better believe the first thing I install will be naked cherubs.  Not only will they struggle to hold bird baths like the above, they will do everything in my grounds.  They will shoot water from their mouths in my water features, they will hide behind fancy trees and they will form some sort of cherub pyramid- table where my visitors can eat their lunch.

I can see it now: A Toutes Les Glories de la Hollie.  That on the right is my own movie theater.

Here lies the decadence of Versailles: the palace railings are painted in gold leaf.  Good grief, those frenchies know how to live.

Maybe it’s because it was Christmas, but the palace was swarming with tourists from everywhere, and I found I actually enjoyed taking crowd photos, so here’s some another, which I love because it features a nigerian guy hawking, which just made me homesick.

I just want to live here.

If you couldn’t tell already, one of my new years resolutions is to take more photos…

… and live by this shop name.  Merci, Versailles, vous êtes beau!

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  1. I found you!

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