Here it is folks: Frankfurt christmas market.  Imagine it a bit more packed with people.  This is one of my favourite things about Germany: people, the smells, the music and the FOOD.  Our favourite meal of choice is a cone of chips topped with curry sauce.  Wash it down with some piping spiced red grape juice, and it’s a party.

Connor is quite the native by now and speaks German wherever we visit.  Which, don’t worry, wasn’t a Biergarten.

We spent our time wandering around tiny towns with even tinier houses and beautiful art and history.

Seeing as this is a haphazard post with no real direction, please enjoy this image of my christmas present from my parents:

That’s right: a self-help book on dating.  I wish I could say this was a first, but once my good friends Kaley and Whitney bought me a book on how to understand boys.  Now that this is a recurring situation, I guess I should be concerned that I will end up a blogging spinster.  Unless of course I read said books?

PS Hi Whit, my most regular reader. I loved the book xoxo

We also chatted to Elder McKee in Switzerland via Skype!

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  1. whitney andersen · · Reply

    i bet you LOVED talking with elder mckee. HOW WONDERFUL!! XOXO. love you.

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