For the first time in, oh say  twenty-one and a half years, I am sporting a onesie– and it’s all in the spirit of Christmas.  This year I am spending Christmas in Frankfurt with my considerably shrunken family.  Connor and I are the only ones home- not at all a predictable combination, but we are quickly finding that the power of the oldest combined with the youngest has its benefits.  Including our success at persuading the parents to do this:

Little brother is huge.  Each time I see him he has shot up about 8 inches, it’s such a joke.

Props go to the parents for adequately preparing for my arrival: they stocked up on all of our favourite traditional british foods when they took a special road trip across the channel.  Their agenda was simple: procure as much chocolate, cheese, biscuits, cakes as could fit in their car.  It’s quite strange to be enjoying the same treats I did when I was sixteen.  My conclusion is that british foods and treats really are far superior to anything american supermarkets have to offer: it’s suddenly quite simple to see how Britain has become one of the most obese countries in the world.

Not much has changed on the ole home front: except that we now have a ten ft Christmas tree (we’ve joined the big leagues now, kids), and we now have a super creepy old man santa dwarf thing sitting in the corner (see if you can spot him in the above photo).

Anyway, more about my trip to come.  Until then, enjoy this clip of little brother dancing his little soul out.  The best part is almost at the end, so don’t give up on us.


  1. i’m so happy you are HOME for the HOLLIE-DAYS. i love you, miss mckee!

    1. Thanks Whitney! LOVE xoxo

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