Here are 6 of them. They’re pretty cute, no?  A lot of people have asked me lately how I can bear to have so many roommates, and mustn’t it be difficult slash hellish at times?  To them I usually give the quick answer: it’s really not so bad, the house is so big, there’s plenty of love in this club.  But since you ask (and since this technically doubles as something my posterity might browse one day) I’ll divulge…


1. We have only 2 bathrooms.  And every time nature calls- EVERY time- my bathroom is occupied.  So I do the dancey dance all the way to the downstairs bathroom, and THAT bathroom is always occupied.  I do the dancey dance back up to my bathroom only to find that someone else has slipped in while I danced all over the house.  I have only twice SERIOUSLY contemplated going caveman, dancing toward the kitchen sink, but am happy to report that that has never gone down.

2. There are never any spoons.  I know this sounds like a strange complaint, but really.  One would think that this would never be a problem considering nine of us have each contributed a set of cutlery to the house.  But it’s true- there are never any spoons.  And contrary to popular belief, forks are surprisingly awful for midnight ice cream treats.

3. There are approximately 7 copies of each volume of the Twilight book series, and approximately 7 copies of each volume of the Hunger Games on our bookshelves.  I consider this a con, only because our bookshelves look like the shameful secret keepers of pre teens.

4. Think about the volume of junk mail we get every day, especially considering the tenants from the past 5 years still have their mail delivered to us.  That’s nine times 5.  That’s a lot of horrid junk mail.

5. … well, because some of my roommates read this, I guess that’s all of the CON’S.  🙂


1. Statistically, living with eight other girls is egotistically rewarding.  On average, I will receive five sincere compliments a day in the house- which is basically celebrity status, I reckon.

2. Because there are so many of us, we rotate soap flavours often.  When you only live with two or three other people, you’re stuck in a magnolia soap phase for up to 2 months.  But with more girls you go through soap faster, and so get to switch flavours often.  So far we have gone through warm vanilla sugar, spiced caramel apple, sweet pea, some kind of citrusy situation, and now we are working on an island margarita number.

3. People eat my baking, which is excellent news because I love to cook- and often- but don’t particularly enjoy consuming what I eat.  If I had to do this I would be approximately 500 lbs.

4. We have a whole kitchen cupboard dedicated to nail polish, which is pretty marvelous if you ask me. Also, there’s never that terrible day when you need to remove half chipped nail polish but you’ve run out of nail polish remover.  There’s always some lying around.

5. There’s always someone willing to have an impromptu dance party study break with you- which, let’s face it, is more fun than just you being an idiot by yourself for passers by, who will worry about your mental health and tell all of their friends how weird you are.

6. You appreciate more the off chance that you could be alone for an hour or so with the house to yourself.  My favourite thing to do in these moments is sing Whitney Houston’s “AND IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU” with as much gusto as possible.  That Whitney’s sure got some lungs.

Anyway consider this a shout-out to my wonderful roommates at present- Lora, Anna, Melissa, Jordan, Kelsi, Erika, Jesika and Megan.  I love these ladies.

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  1. Haha hollie this made me laugh multiple times out loud. Also I really want to secretly be home when you start belting Whitney Houston.

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