Jenny Packham’s designs are my newest obsession in life.  Her success as an artist is apparent in her popularity amongst leading fashion icons in today’s social culture and media coverage.  Her sophisticated eye is responsible for the dress that made James Bond’s jaw to drop in Casino Royale, and amongst other projects,  she’s the mastermind behind many “Samantha” looks in the SATC movies. She’s surprisingly simple in her cut and design, yet her embellishment is refreshingly new and unique.  I was first drawn to Packham’s creativity when I saw Emma Roberts in this number:

The couture of this dress is remarkable.  It’s a whole new level of the LBD: Packam opts for softness in colour- a theme she will maintain as her style is developed and reiterated in her following three collections.  The cut of the dress is oddly striking- it is modest but all together sexy, with a plunging yet angular neckline and translucent sleeves.  The embellishment is something of a curious nature: it is the art of the dress entirely, the focal point that somehow ties every theme of the dress together.

In browsing Packham’s designs, one thing I love about her is her attention to detail, even in the most simple of concepts.  Here is a spiced red piece which features multiple folds, soft pleats and bustling:

Notice how her choice of fabric is pivotal to the structure of the dress.  Choice of fabric is something that this designer never takes lightly: it is the fundamental quality of the dress that makes each piece so successful and impressive.  In this case, the dress appears flawlessly sculpted.  As with most Packham designs, this dress also features intricate detailing around the bust.  This attention to detail gives the piece a unique quality.

Packham’s house boasts wide success as a bridal house as well as an evening wear specialist.  The following is an original bridal design that neglects conventions of the time:


This dress is typical of Packham designs: soft colouring, classic lines, unique but intricate embellishment and elongating shape.

Packham is not shy about experimenting with unique fabrics that compliment her focus on highlighting the length and grace of the female shape.  Here she uses a bold, shiny yet muted in colour fabric that makes the lines of the dress the focal point of its overall image:

Packham is also known to add to  her signature glittery style an element of original femininity in the form of floral prints.  Printed on soft, floating fabrics, the floral element amps up the common styles of today’s high street success.


Most notable in Packham’s celebrity following is Duchess Catherine Middleton, whose passion for Packham has caught the attention of the fashion world.  Middleton’s figure represents the ideal owner of any Packham design: relatively muted in curves, but tall and slender.  Such figures allow Packham designs to do all the talking.

I’m excited to watch Packhams career unfold as she enjoys well deserved success and a prestigious following.












  1. I find her designs breathtaking! I had the pleasure trying some of her gowns on and I can tell ya this – I didn’t want to take them off. Ever. Lovely post & awesome blog! xxx

    1. Words cannot… CANNOT expressly relate my utter jealousy!

  2. Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it pmroote democracy. Thank you.

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