To escape the mid-semester funk that we usually get in, roommate Jordan and I skipped town.

It was Friday afternoon and, after a craptastic week, Jordan and I found one another on our instant chat vehicle of choice (gchat) for a quick moan and groan about life in general.  Why was it so cold?  Why did we have to endure a weekend of homework and errands and boringness?  Why did we have to be at work?

Here lies the reason Jordan and I are such good friends: we support one another whole heartedly in escape-ism and all manner of shenanigans.  Thus, it was not very difficult to convince one another that Provo didn’t need us, work didn’t need us: instead, Park City- with its luxury and swankiness- NEEDED us.  Within the hour our desks were packed up, our bags were hastily packed and we found ourselves here:

This is Westgate Restort, an impressively upscale resort embedded in the mountainside in Park City.  It is close to the best ski runs in the area.  It boasts several heated pools (indoor, outdoor, and BOTH), unpteen public hot tubs and jacuzzis as well as individual whirlpools in each room, a spa and fitness center and other amenities that I didn’t pay any attention to because we found THIS:

THIS, folks, is an adult relaxation pool with water as warm as your favourite bubble bath.  We stumbled upon this gem as we wandered the hallways of the spa center.  The air smelled of lavender.  LAVENDER.  we alternated between the steam room, hot tub, sauna and this beautiful pool.  It was, in a word, perfection.

So basically, with the exception of our marvelous 5 course 5 star meal at the grill, we spent our trip thusly attired, in the lap of luxury.




  1. I can’t hear anything over the sound of how awesome this aritcle is.

  2. Boom shakalaka boom boom, problem solevd.

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