This is the most beautiful, albeit tragic film I have seen in a very long time.  It exhibits the very best of storytelling and ultimately conveys impeccable writing.  Set for the most part in stunning rural China in the 1930s, two lovers struggle to reconcile after a rocky beginning to their marriage.  Each character is so exquisitely developed that you pine for them to fall in love again, and triumph when our protagonist learns valuable (yet undivulged) life lessons, and matures to a socially superior, empathetic and conscious wife and friend.  Edward Norton, ever the widely impressive on-screen chameleon, pulls off yet another unexpected role who both scares and charms the viewer.

THIS is what film making is about: thoughtful language and superbly drawn characters, an intensely genuine plot, and the most gentle of cinematography.  It’s so inspirational!


  1. Ummm yeah. This is an amazing movie. The part towards the end where the just look at each other and just know. Ughhhh oh my goodness. Sooo good.

    1. Hey, good to find smeonoe who agrees with me. GMTA.

  2. Just what the doctor ordeerd, thankity you!

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