Dear all 300 of you regular readers who keep checking to see if I’ve gotten my lazy behind in gear: today is the day your dreams come true!   But really: I’m sorry for my hiatus.  I have been exceptionally sluggish lately- I wish I could say that blogging is the only area of my life that I have been sluggish.  Alas, I am just a disaster lately.  Basically this feature image sums up the past two months: me, just waiting to be crapped on.

HOWEVER: all is about to change!  More on that later.

For now, here’s the skinny on my life over the past 2 months

1. This had my roommates and I laughing hysterically.  I guess upon close inspection, it really isn’t THAT funny, but when your brain has been switched on high, without sleep for about 29 hours, this is really a treat:

Get it?  They switched faces.

2. Old school humor.  My friends and I have been getting back to the basics with our humor.  My greatest inspiration will always be FRIENDS.

3.  Steve Jobs died.  What a legend.  When I think of the things he facilitated in our technical world today, I feel an enormous sense of inadequacy.  He truly was a genius with so much drive and passion for what he did.  I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to work with him.  He truly valued the conception of creation- something I admire.

This is the crux of Jobs’ life mission: be pro-active about what you spend your time on: if you’re not in love with the things you do, do something else.  What a beautiful concept.

4. GERMAN STUFF.  I admire my brother Logan for the work he is already doing as he serves his mission.  He will be leaving the MTC next week after studying the language pretty much all day every day since September.  I can’t imagine such dedication- I am struggling enough with having one hour classes every day.  I wish I wasn’t so terrible at learning a new language, but alas, it seems to be my lot in life to have a non existent memory.  I cannot remember things for the life of me.  My hand is constantly covered in doodles and short-hand messages to myself that I almost always forget instantly.  Having said this, my greatest triumph in the past 2 months is that I achieved a 98% on one of my German oral tests.  I am convinced it was a fluke, or that my professor was bribing me in the hopes that I would agree to go on Study Abroad with her next year.  Either way, I’ll take it.

5.I stumbled across this image on the internets a couple of weeks ago and it made me ever more aware of how much I miss Ghana and daily sights like this.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever make it back to this beautiful country.  Until then, I guess I can settle for sporadic dreams and scattered images like this.

6.  RUNNING and the fact that I just do not agree with it.  It is awful and painful and not fun.  I know what you’re thinking: This is how I feel about a lot of physical activity.  But with Running, I really believe it.  I could eliptical myself into oblivion.  I could spin all day every day.  But running- any form of it- makes me queasy.  So really:

7.  My advertising class is wonderful.  I am regretting finding my love for the Communications program at the last possible minute of my undergrad career.  My semester has been an immersion of ads, ads, and more ads.  I find myself hoping to one day create something so effective and memorable as the Old Spice guy.

8. Mum sends me pictures from my childhood every now and then.  This is me at my chubbiest and grumpiest, with my father.  

9.  The revelation that Arrested Development will be back for another season, and possibly a movie.  They’ve been whispering about it for a while now, but it seems as though the green light has been given, and I for one am excited.

10. My wonderful state-side family, most notably aunty Sarah, Sam, beautiful cousin Emily and my flirty baby Milo.  I can’t express how wonderful it has been for me to reconnect with my fellow sick-lady-childhood pal Sarah.  Sometimes it is hard to be so far away from family, doing things all by yourself- knowing she is so close is so awesome.  This little family is so good to me!

11. Coldplay’s new album> Princess of China.  Favourite.

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  1. Unbelievable how well-wirtten and informative this was.

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