Alastair, Lain and I had the sincere pleasure of babysitting little brother Logan for a few days before he entered the Missionary Training Center.  That meant blowing off work (manageable) and blowing off classes (even more manageable) in order to spend time with the coolest cat in town.

I kept asking him how he was feeling and, perhaps to my annoyance, he kept seeing “I don’t feel anything.”  What a boy.  Cool as a cucumber- this is how he has always been.  It is strange, considering I haven’t really lived with him for about 4.5 years now, but it still feels like there’s a big gap in my life!  He’s such a different presence in our family: Alastair, Connor and Mum are the same personality- and most days I would agree that Dad, Logan and I are the same.  However, the more I think about it, the more I consider Logan to be in his own league.  He’s much more graceful and serene than I have ever given him credit for.

Anyway, here’s some snaps of him, and of the rest of us as we took Salt Lake by [low-key, righteous] storm:


On Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Al and Lain bought him that super duper fancy missionary watch- he’ll be the bell of the ball!




Alastair Michael, rocking the un-shaven face.  He’s pretty handsome still.

Oh look: a rose between two thorns.  Little brothers are so tall.  Even when you wear heels.  Also, many thanks to Alastair, who does not believe in tucking in shirts apparently.  


Caught in the act!  A beautiful candid of the love birds making memories.  This is one of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken.


I’m expecting a call from the Ensign any day now…


Candid of Logan.  Action shot.
Here were are, dropping him off at the MTC.  Can you tell my eyes are puffy?

The only thing that would have made the weekend better would have been if our favourite kid Connor was with us 😦

If you want to write Logan a letter, or would like to hear updates on his full- time mission in the Alpine German Speaking field, drop me an email (












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